Friday, 24 July 2015

Appointment of a Women Director on the Board of a Company

Under the COMPANIES ACT, 2013 :

Section 149(1) second proviso along with RULE 3 of the Companies( appointment and qualification of directors ) rules 2014, require to appointment of at least one woman director on the board of the following class of the companies:

1. every listed company,
2. every other public company having (a) paid up share capital of one hundred crore rupees or more or (b) turnover of three hundred crore rupees or more.

The appointment must be made within SIX months of the Incorporation ( if after the commencement of the Act)

In case of Casual vacancy:

an immediate appointment must be made and the place must be filled up by the board at its earliest but not later than the immediate next board meeting or THREE MONTHS from the date of such vacancy whichever is LATER.

According to The companies Act 2013, every company must appoint at least 1 woman director of its list of board of directors.
As we know that every company must have a minimum number of directors on board i.e. THREE directors for a public company, TWO directors in case of a private company and ONE director in case of a One person company and also must have a MAXIMUM of 15 directors (or more than 15 directors on passing a SPECIAL RESOLUTION).

So, the above classes of companies must have 1 woman director on its board.


  1. in one person company also a woman director is necessary??

    1. yes. in a OPC appointment of at least 1 woman director is necessary .

      let me explain you this way,

      In a OPC i.e. One person company it is necessary that we must have one shareholder only then it will be held as a OPC. but the concept also explains that the Law relating to appointment of directors on board will remain same.

      which means there can be minimum 1 director(for OPC) and a maximum of 15 directors for a one person company.

      i hope this might have cleared your doubt.
      in case you need further explanation, kindly drop me a mail at