Thursday, 19 December 2013

Various Statutory Registers To Be Maintained By The Company

The Statutory Registers to be maintained are:

1. Register of Investments in Securities not Held in Company's Name 
2. Register of Deposits 
3. Register of Securities Bought Back
4. Register of Charges
5. Register and Index of MEMBERS
6. Register and Index of DEBENTURE HOLDERS
7. Register and Index of BENEFICIAL OWNERS
8. Foreign register of members and debenture holders and their duplicates.
9. Annual return
10 . Books containing minutes of general meeting of the board and of committees of directors.
11. Register of Postal Ballot
12. Books of Accounts
13. Cost Accounts records of companies engaged in industries so specified by Central Government.
14. Register of Contacts with Companies/Firms in which directors are interested.
15. Register of Directors/Managing Directors/ Managers/Whole time Directors/ Secretary.
16. Register of Directors Shareholding
17. Register of loans or investments made, guarantees given and security provided to other body corporate.
18. Register of renewed and duplicate share certificates.
19. Register of records and documents destroyed
20. register of SWEAT EQUITY shares
21. Dividend Register.


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