Thursday, 28 February 2013


A person who is otherwise qualified to be admitted as an Advocate but is either in full or part time service or employment or is engaged in in any trade, business or profession shall not be admitted as an Advocate.

However, this rule shall not apply to:

1. any person who is an articled clerk of an attorney.

2. any person who is an assistant to an advocate or to an attorney who is an Advocate.

3. any person who is in PART TIME service as a professor, lecturer or teacher in law.

4. any person who by virtue of being a member of a joint Hindu family business, provided that he does not take a part in management.

5. any person who is not personally engaged in any business but is a sleeping partner in a firm doing business( the nature of the business must not be inconsistent with the dignity of profession of law).

6. any person who is a director or chairman of the board of directors of a company with or without any ordinary sitting fees, provided that none of his duties are: of AN EXECUTIVE character and he is not a MANAGING DIRECTOR or a SECRETARY of the said company or any other company.


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