Saturday, 12 October 2013


The story is about a lady which was murdered by her husband .
it is counted among one of the most GRUESOME murders which have taken place in india .
It is nbest known as " TANDOOR MURDER CASE".
NAINA was the wife of a former youth congress leader Sushil Sharma and was believed to have unlawful relationship with Matloob Karim, an old friend of hers.
On the night if july 2, 1995, sushil shot Naina and chopped her body into pieces and stuffed it in the TANDOOR- a clay oven of BAGIYA restaurant in new Delhi.
Sushil Sharma surrendered himself on july 10, 1995.
he was sentenced for life imprisonment on NOVEMBER 7, 2003.

do you really think... that a sentence to death is equal to what Sushil did with Naina?
and what about her family?
does a small compensatory amount is equal to the life of NAINA???

DATED: 09-10-13

Sushil Sharma ( accused) has already spent 18 years in jail . The supreme Court has commuted the death sentence to life imprisonment.

The Court has considered this case as RAREST OF RARE cases.


  1. It appears you not correct. Death sentence is commuted to life.

  2. Sir,

    As far as i got an update.. i published ..

    if in case you have any details regarding the same.. kindly provide me with the same..


  3. Thank you Sir,

    i again rechecked.. and have updated the same

    1. The following observations are made by SC

      "We have already confirmed the conviction of the
      appellant for offence punishable under Section 302 of the IPC
      and for offence punishable under Section 120-B read with
      Section 201 of the IPC. In view of the above discussion, we
      commute the death sentence awarded to appellant – Sushil
      Sharma to life sentence. We make it clear that life sentence
      is for the whole of remaining life of the appellant subject to
      the remission granted by the appropriate Government under
      Section 432 of the Cr.P.C., which, in turn, is subject to the
      procedural checks mentioned in the said provision and
      further substantive checks in Section 433-A of the Cr.P.C"

      You r right victim must be compensated. But when the Accused is convicted for death or life, who will pay it? In such cases Government may be made to pay compensation from some fund.

    2. Take the compensation from his estate.